Packing in a Backpack for 3 Months

General, Travel Products / Monday, March 19th, 2018

A key part of traveling for an extended period of time is flexibility. Hauling a heavy suitcase behind you in a foreign country – while trying not to miss a scheduled train – is not exactly the easiest thing to accomplish (Imagine unpaved cobblestoned roads in Europe, yes we’ve experienced it). It also allows you to see more destinations while having your belongings on you rather than worrying where to store them.

We decided to do our three-month trip with travel backpacks, rather than using traditional luggage. Though it may seem impossible, packing everything into a backpack IS totally doable!

Here are a few tips on how we packed, along with the gear we are currently using.

1.) Basic Options:

You want your clothes to mix and match with as many options as possible. (This was tough ladies, all the cute rompers and dresses you envisioned in your picture perfect instagram photo may need to be reconsidered – you can always do some shopping when you get there.)

2.) Disposable Clothes:

We are traveling in various climates. When we arrive to Japan we are expecting temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Meanwhile, later in our trip, we will be in the hot humid regions like Thailand and Indonesia. Once we make it through the cold, we plan to jettison some of our cheap cold weather gear.

3.) Packing Cubes:

One great way to both organize and save volume is to use packing cubes. They allow you to roll up your clothing and store them neatly. It also helps you navigate your backpack when specifically looking for an item. We chose Ebags as our packing cubes. Though a little higher priced than its competitors the quality can’t be beat. We’ve tossed them across the room, sat on them, filled them to capacity and these cubes did not budge and stayed completely intact!

4.) Backpack Quality:

Before our trip, we asked around what backpacks people recommend. We had an overwhelming response that a great brand is Osprey. So we purchased Osprey’s Farpoint and Fairview 55L bags. They’re waterproof, have padded shoulder and hip straps to distribute the weight, and include zip-off day packs. They are also designed to be carryon size for most airlines (as long as you also meet the weight limit for carryon.)

Now that we gave you a few tips as to why you should travel with a backpack, see below for a quick fast-forwarded video of my husband packing for our 3-month trip!

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