Flagship First Dining At Miami International Airport

Airport Lounges, General, Trip Reports / Thursday, March 28th, 2019

American Airlines offers the Flagship First Dining  premier experience to travelers flying in first class on a three-cabin flight. 

We were lucky enough to experience our Flagship Dining at Miami International Airport. This was the first leg of our three legged first class flight to Japan. Right now Flagship dining is only available at Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston airports.

When we got to the American Airlines lounge we were greeted by an agent who extend an invitation to  “Flagship First Dining”. After accepting the invitation we were escorted through the American Airlines lounge, then again through the first class lounge, and finally to the door that led to Flagship First dining room.Flagship_First_Dining_Married_With_Miles

The dining was truly unbelievable. We were seated in a five-star restaurant completely to ourselves looking over at the first class lounge. Who knew it could get better than that?

If you are able to access this area, we recommend showing up about two hours before your flight to fully maximize your experience.  You’ll want extra time to sample the made to order food menu, along with the extensive list of high end bourbons and wines.

We left fully fed and happy to get on our flight to California!

Starters: Crispy Pork Belly Empanadas & Sweet Corn Chowder with Crab Fritters.


Alina’s Lunch: Carne Asade, Basmati Rice, and Sweet Plantains


David’s Lunch: The Famous “Flagship Burger”

Here is a quick video we snuck of the Flagship First Dining area.


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